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Below are some questions we get asked quite often about our catering department and how we generally answer them. Click each question to see the answer.

If you really, really, really need to ensure your date is going to be available, you should call six months in advance. And even then, we cannot guarantee your date will be available. But generally, you don't have to book that far in advance.
Here are some guidelines depending on when your event is occurring.

April, May, September & October – 8-10 weeks; June, July & August – 6-8 Weeks; November, December, January, February & March – 4-6 weeks. These are to be used as guidelines only.

Even during our busiest times, we have spaces available and during our off season, we have dates that are completely booked up. We only book events 6 months in advance. We recommend that as soon as you know your date, you book your event. We do not guarantee dates until you have booked your event and a contract is generated.

It is the policy of The Varsity to base its serving times on the number of people to be served at the event. The Varsity will serve for one (1) hour for up to 175 people, 175-250 people, one and one half (1.5) hours, 250+ to be negotiated. Additional hours may be purchased for $150.00 each. Additional hours are subject to availability and have to be agreed upon in advance.

At this time, we only require a signed contract.

We currently accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card and American Express

Yes, we do offer discounts or provide additional items at no extra charge for large events. These discounts are determined on a case by case basis.

We cannot at this time. Because we cook the food in small portions, we can’t guarantee the quality of large portions of food served “buffet” style. We are able to both cook and serve the food that is on our “Hot Dog Party” menu inside.

We determine the number of servers based on the number of people being served. Up to 80 people – 2, 80-160 people - 3, 160+ people – 4+

Just fill out our “request for Certificate of Insurance” and one will be faxed to the number you provide.

Mainly, we try to stay in the Metro Atlanta area. We do travel beyond Metro Atlanta when our calendar permits. When we do travel outside the Atlanta area, we charge a travel charge. This charge is based on mileage and time.

We will bring a table for our condiments. If you require additional tables and chairs as well as tents, we can recommend rental companies that we have worked with in the past.

Because we cook as we are serving, it is our goal not to have leftovers. We keep all uncooked food.

If your event is “all you can eat”, we will do a head count as we are serving and will also rely on you to keep us informed of the number of people. If your party is not “all you can eat”, we will keep track of the number of plates we use. If your party is a “hot dog party”, we will keep track of how many hot dogs we serve.

We would like final numbers 4 days prior to your event. This gives us ample time to order the food from our suppliers for your party.

Yes, but on a limited basis.

We serve canned soft drinks and they will be iced down in bins.

Yes, we are capable of feeding about 5-10% over the number contracted for.

We will dispose of all the garbage that we generate in the process of cooking the food. We do not clean tables or dispose of garbage generated by the attendees of the event.

In most cases we can. We recommend that you contact the authority in charge of that venue for specific rules and regulations. Also, when asking questions, make sure you record the date, time and who you spoke to at the venue.

To go orders have to be arranged in advance. Otherwise, for guests staying in the general area of the event will be served food on plates. Also, boxes are not available for any "all you can eat" events.

When inclement weather incidents occur, it is necessary for us to assess the safety of our catering team and we reserve the right to cancel. In the extremely rare event we have to cancel due to adverse weather, or the threat of impending inclement weather, the client will not incur any charges associated with the event. These condition may include, but are not limited to snow, ice, flooding, road closures and
poor visibility. Indicators of these unsafe conditions could include community closures, weather alerts,
news warnings, and public safety alerts.

Feel free to call our catering department at 770.840.8519 ext 3.

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