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What'll ya have? :: A History of The Varsity
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Varsity Chili in a can! The Varsity


Our History

The original Varsity was opened in 1928 on a 70' X 120' lot with a white picket fence by a man named Frank Gordy; a man with a $2000 nest egg and "million dollar taste buds." Through his dedication to freshness, superior quality, advanced technology and serving the best food fast, he gained a reputation that is known worldwide. The Varsity has hosted well known people from the entertainment industry, the sports industry, the Governor's mansion, the White House, as well as visitors from all over the globe. Through Frank Gordy's determination, the original Varsity has grown into a two-story "Lunching Pad" and there are now 7 sister locations. The Varsity has become an Atlanta institution known and loved by all.

To find out the whole story, you can visit our gift shop and purchase our biographic book called "What'll ya Have - A history of The Varsity." You can also visit our interactive timeline to see all the major Varsity events.

What Makes The Varsity So Special?

It's the Worlds Largest Drive-In
Our Downtown Atlanta location is on more than two acres and can accommodate 600 cars and over 800 people inside. On days when the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets are playing a home game, over 30,000 people visit The Varsity.

Legendary Volume
Two miles of hot dogs, a ton of onions, 2500 pounds of potatoes, 5000 fried pies and 300 gallons of chili are made from scratch daily.

Only the Best Ingredients
Frank Gordy insisted on the freshest of all ingredients and three to six deliveries per day are routine. When asked what he did with leftovers, he replied "We don't have any."

Car Hops!
Identifying cars by number has always been an integral part of the Varsity Drive-In system. "Curb men" would sing and dance their way to fame. The most famous of our car hops was a man named Flossy Mae, who sang the menu to customers for over 50 years. Well known TV and Movie star Nipsy Russell also got his start at The Varsity as car hop #46.

Dessert at The Varsity is a must. Ice cream and home made fried pies are the only way to top off a meal. Over 5,000 pies, peach and apple, are made daily. Of course, family recipes are followed very closely to ensure quality everyday of the year.

We Cater!
The Varsity has 6 mobile kitchens that are available to cater your parties and events. The Varsity catering department has cooked the same great Varsity food on the spot for groups ranging from 100 people to over 26,000 people. If you want to have us cater your next event, why not head over to our catering page and take a look.

If you're planning a trip to The Varsity, you should brush up on your Varsity Lingo to make sure you have your "order in your mind".

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